Why We Love Boxers

The Boxer is one of the most popular breeds of dogs in the world and makes an excellent pet. With its strong frame and stocky legs, the Boxer is instantly recognizable and anyone who adopts this breed is sure to have a friend for life.

Origins of the Boxer

Although the Boxer is very popular in England and North America, it actually originates from Germany and is descended from two different types of German mastiffs. The Boxer was originally used as a working and fighting dog and organized dog fights featuring the Boxer were not uncommon, while the breed was also used on farms to perform a wide range of different tasks and towards the end of the 19th century it could even be seen in the circus and theater.

The Boxer’s Temperament

This breed of dog is veMale_fawn_Boxer_undockedry playful and energetic and has a strong curious streak that can often cause it to get into trouble. The Boxer is known for its loyalty and is especially affectionate towards children so it is ideal for families. People
who have other types of pets at home will find that the Boxer gets on well with them if introduced carefully and the breed loves to play games. However, it should be noted that the breed needs a lot of companionship and affection and tends to get bored quite easily.

Living Conditions

The Boxer is sensitive to heat and cold and it is best to allow the dog to sleep inside. However, it needs a lot of room to run around during the daytime, which means that it is not a suitable breed for people who live in cramped condos.

Care and Exercise

This breed needs long walks each day and regular games to help keep it stimulated. Very little bathing or grooming is required due to the breed’s short coat.