The Cute and Cuddly Collie Rough

Anyone who has ever watched Lassie is sure to be very familiar with the Collie Rough. This breed is very loyal and friendly and makes a great pet. The gentle nature of the Collie Rough also makes it a good guide dog.

Origins of the Collie Rough

This breed hails Collie-7-from Scotland and was originally used as a working dog. The Collie Rough can be used on the farm o perform a large number of different tasks including herding sheep and cows, water rescue and hunting. Back in the 1800 the Borzoi was mixed with the traditional Collie to form the Collie Rough and is the breed of dog that is favored by the Royal Family in the United Kingdom. In fact, the Queen of England has a number of different Collie Roughs as pets in Ballmoral Castle in Scotland.

The Collie Rough’s Living Conditions

Although it is possible for the Collie Rough to live inside, the breed tends to be quite inactive inside and dogs that are kept in the home need to be provided with a yard or a garden that they can run in. The breed also enjoys living outside, although it is sensitive to the heat and during the summer months needs a shady spot that it can escape from the sun in.

Care and Exercise

This breed should be taken for a long walk each and every day and family members should also play games with the dog daily to make sure that it is stimulated and does not become restless. The breed has a stiff coat that needs to be brushed once a week. The undercoat is much softer on the belly of the Collie Rough and this coat sheds twice each year and brushing should be kept to a minimum at those times.