Popular Dog Breeds From Spain

Decided to get a puppy from a Spanish breed? Exciting but also a lot of responsibility. Here are 10 important puppy lessons to remember: Socialize the puppy early, both with humans and other dogs, and begin basic training at a very young age. Discourage the puppy from chewing on your shoes and provide a toy, instead. Be patient – the puppy is a child and needs a chance to learn. Housebreak the puppy gently, be firm but kind in your rules, and slowly teach the puppy to spend time alone. Focus on reward, rather than punishment. Play with your puppy every day, and lastly, shower it with love.

shutterstock_15807196Spanish Dog Breeds With Charm

Dog breeds hail from countries all over the world, and Spain is no exception. Some of the most well-known Spanish breeds are the Great Pyrenees, Spanish mastiff, papillon, and bichon frise – all different sizes, shapes, and personalities. With the different types of breeds, it’s hard not to find one that suits you, as they all call this relaxed, easy-going country their home. You could even visit Spain yourself and see these breeds on their home turf and soak up some culture while you’re at it. To brush up on your Spanish, visit spanishforteachersonline.com and get a few tips.

Breeds for all Personalities

Other, lesser known breeds from Spain include the phalène, the Andalusian hound, estrela mountain dog, the Basque shepherd dog, and the Majorca ratter. Some breeds, like all breeds around the world, are bred for beauty and grace, while others are bred for practical reasons like hunting and tracking. But what they all have in common is that they will prove to be loyal, loving companions for anyone who is willing to give them the affection and commitment they deserve. With a dog like this, you will undoubtedly have found a furry, dear friend for life.