Have You Heard About the Hovawart?

This regal looking breed can be rather temperamental, although people who manage to win it over will find that the Hovawart is loving and loyal. This breed is very rare in the USA and is highly sought after by those in the know. Read on to discover if the Hovawart might just be the breed of dog you have been searching for.

Origins of the Hovawart

Three dogs combine Hovawart_im_Schnee02to form the Hovawart, namely the Hungarian Kuvasz, the Newfoundland and the Leonberger. The breed comes from Germany and was established to serve as a hardy working dog. Unfortunately history was not kind to the Hovawart and in the 13th century it was nearly extinct. Fortunately, a few dedicated dog breeders such as Kurt Konig recognized the impressive nature of the Hovawart and decided to help make it popular once more in Germany and other parts of Europe.

The Nature of the Breed

The Hovawart needs careful training and control as a puppy to overcome its willful nature. If this is done correctly, the breed can be very obedient and calm and loves to spend time with children. Families are sure to find that this breed makes an excellent extra family member and serves as a good guard dog that will protect their home from intruders.

Where it Can Live

This breed does not do well in cramped condos and prefers to sleep outside in cool climates. The Hovawart also makes a good farm dog and tends to excel at a wide range of different types of tasks.

Taking Care of the Breed

Providing the Hovawart with plenty of exercise is key and it loves to run around outside. The coat can become tangled from time to time, although this is easy to control through grooming with a wire toothed brush and comb.