Could You Care for a Mini Schnauzer?

This cute and cuddly breed also loves to play and has plenty of personality. Families are sure to love interacting with the Mini Schnauzer and its smaller size means that it is also a great traveling companion on road trips.

The Origins of the Mini Schnauzer

This breed is a cross between the smaller sized Schnauzer and the Affenpinscher and was developed in Germany. The name of the breed is taken from the German word for muzzle in recognition of its distinctive muzzle. The Mini Schnauzer’s original role was catching mice and rats and it is very quick to learn tricks and skills.

Mini Sizestandard-schnauzer_3, Big Personality

This dog tends to be happy all the time if treated well and is very loving and intelligent. It loves to play, especially with children and is very affectionate and full of energy. This dog knows how to defend itself and its family and it is important to train the Mini Schnauzer so that it knows its role in the family and does not try to take charge.

Where it Likes to Live

The Mini Schnauzer hates being alone and should not be left to sleep outside. It is well suited to live in a condo and tends to be docile and content inside. The small frame of the breed makes it ideal for living in small spaces.

Care and Exercise

The breed should be taken for walks each day and allowed plenty of time to run outside as it is packed with energy. It is important to make sure that the breed stays on the lead most of the time so that it does not try to take control and it needs a lot of both psychical and mental stimulation in the form of playing games and learning tricks. The wiry coat of this breed needs regular grooming.