Check Out the Mudi

The Mudi is a rare breed of dog that needs special care and attention and it can make a great pet.

Origins of the Mudi

This breed of dog is officially called the Canis Olivid Fenyesi and was named after Dr. Dezso Fenyesi. It is a type of Hungarian herdsman’s dog that was classified by Fenyesi back in the 1930s and is traditionally used in Hungary to herd sheep and cows. The Mudi also makes a great guard dog and hunter, while in Finland the Mudi is often used as a mountain rescue dog.

The Mudi’s Temperament

The Mudi has a gentle nattumblr_m33hhyauoZ1qku16ko3_1280ure and is very intelligent, which means that it can be trained to perform a wide range of tasks and tricks. People who are lucky enough to own a Mudi are sure to discover that the breed makes a great family dog.
However, it should be noted that the Mudi tends to bond very strongly with one person in particular and can tend to be moody if that person is away for long periods of time. Mudis tend to be rather shy by nature and should be reared from puppies so that they become used to being around other people as well as other animals. Mudis love young children and are sure to bond very quickly with toddlers.

Living Conditions

The Mudi prefers to live outside whenever possible and should be provided with a large yard so that it can run around.

Caring for the Mudi

This breed is known for being very active and in addition to a long daily walk it needs space to run around outside during the daytime. The breed enjoys playing ball games and this is a great way for it to release its energy and bond with humans. The coat of the Mudi needs regular combing and brushing.