All About the Jack Russell

The Jack Russell is also known as the Jack Russell Terrier and the Russell Terrier and is famous for its fiery temper. People who get on the wrong side of this breed are sure to know about it quickly, although if it is treated with care and affection it can be a loyal and loving companion.

Originals odownloadf the Jack Russell

The breed takes its name from Reverend John Russell, who was a clergyman in the 19th century. The breed was originally used to hunt game and is known for its agility and tenacity. The breed is especially good at tracking and retrieving animals such as badgers and foxes and once it gets their scent it can be very persistent.

The Breed’s Temperament

When the Jack Russell is relaxed it is a very loving and friendly dog and is a great family pet. The breed displays spirited and obedient characteristics and needs firm handling and training from a puppy to make sure that it does not become aggressive. When the breed is given plenty of love it can be very sweet and loves to be around children.

Where it Likes to Live

Unlike many other small breeds of dog, the Jack Russell is hardy and is able to live outside as long as there is plenty of room for it to run around. However, it is sure to be happier in a child’s bedroom and will want to spend as much time around children in the family as possible.

Caring and Exercising

This is a very sociable dog and does not enjoy being left alone for too long. People who spend large parts of the day away from home may want to consider getting another dog to keep it company. When the Jack Russell gets bored it can become strong willing and even destructive and should be played with to distract it.